Stay Up (Stuck Runaway)

by Aleck Woogmaster & Ivy Estelle

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This One's For Small Town Folk.


I guess it’s time I tell y’all,
all about my white trash ghetto...
where we all get smashed
and rap to heavy metal.
It’s unsettling,
the way we are repetitively meddling
in everybody’s business,
making witnesses of everything.
And none of you want to be here…
but none of you ever leave.
I understand your fear, but,
you need to set yourself free.
See, me? I was born, without a silver spoon,
but a KFC spork and a for for a room.
We couldn’t afford food to consume,
but my Dad got high from July to June (all year).
Why? I think that it was easier to deal
with a needle in his vein, the pain
seemed to heal.
Like a dream or a real-life, living nightmare…
we are the un-forgiven and we’re always right here.
It isn’t quite fair that we live life embarrassed,
I hate that I’m white, I wanna kill my parents.
But truthfully,
where would I be without them?
How come when you have kids,
you have to doubt them?
No matter the outcome,
you scream and shout.
And you’ll never put it out,
that fire burns around you.
It consumes your house,
and burns it down, too.
(And it all falls around you.)

I said, none of you want to be here,
I know you may feel stuck…
But there is nothin’ to fear,
you can run away, just stay up.

I see a daytime prostitute,
walkin’ the street,
while I’m sittin’ here, talkin’ to you,
rockin’ the beat.
She looks awfully sweet,
so I buy her a coffee…
and listen to her speak
as she lays across me.
I never wanted to be here,
and I don’t think I’ll ever leave...
but there is nothin’ to fear,
in my heart, I’m always free.
I, I breathe deep when
the deed is done.
I’ve planted my seed,
I grab my keys and run.
It’s almost morning…
I can see the sun,
and it’s really not important,
but I’m short on funds.
One day, I’ll be
better than I am now.
At the moment I ain’t lookin’
for a hand-out.
Stand tall, little soldier,
make your man proud…
you won’t have a problem
getting out of this damn town.



released June 25, 2013
Written and Produced by Aleck Woogmaster
Recorded and Mixed by Face-One
Mastered by Zach Crawford at SkySplitterInk Productions



all rights reserved


Aleck Woogmaster & Ivy Estelle Portland, Oregon

WE are Aleck & Ivy.

Love us.

WE love you.

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