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A little something to help all the fools out there kick off the month of April...


Well I'm a little bug, kickin' it...
tiny and insignificant.
There's just about a million different
ways that I can live with it.
Been mixed up in the middle
and pissed off, a little bit.
brittle from the Ritalin,
bitter from being fiddled with.
Belittled 'til I'm sick of it,
stand beneath the sickle and
Lick it so I only smell
liquor, smoke, and licorice....
if mistletoe's for kissin' with,
then let's not be so innocent,
let's get undressed and confess
covered in cinnamon.
As a lover, I'm a centipede
with infinite limbs
The Gentle Gentleman you need awaits,
I'm infinitely him.
I'm innocent as sin.
and all too reminiscent
of a time when all these hypocrites
had no pot to piss in.

Call me Icarus,
high up in the sky on waxy wings
Respect my own perspective
or I would not say a thing.
For the sake of staying straight up,
I'm hangin' up
my circus make-up,
and breaking from the
masquerade of every day -
- I'm wakin up, and takin' it back
shaking the chains of fate
and rattlin' cages,
making a change, in fact.
Ain't no explainin' that.
So I've been fading back
trying to gain a method
for maintaining.
Exchanging the painful memories
for ones more entertaining.
So if you try to tame me
you might find that it's impossible
I'm on my grind, learning,
over-turning every obstacle.
It's probable, that when I die
there'll be things unaccomplished.
But if I'm honest, I don't mind
a life that's mostly modest.
More than most folks are promised,
That's a college degree...
shoot, a wife AND a cottage?
That sounds fine to me...

I never really thought
that I'd see 23...
so being here today means a whole lot to me.

I ever really thought
that I'd leave VT...
so being here today means a whole lot to me.

I never really thought
I'd have my own LP...
so being here today means a whole lot to me.

My pulse is poppin'
and I've got propulsion rockets
in my back pocket,
makin' me unstoppable.
Who's got the proper flow?
Me... cuz I"m breathin...
I'm so glad to be alive and I
don't even need a reason.
No matter what the season,
I'm seizin' the day,
It's like Carpe diem
shoots the breeze in my face.
While I'm squeezing your legs, you
put your teeth in my neck, I wanna
feel your heartbeat, I'm a freak with the sex.
Hey Jo-Jo Josephine, who's seen you lately?
A mighty fine cuisine
is what you're displayin, baby.
A mausoleum is a place you'll never take me.
You could burn my body,
you could masticate me.
I wanna feed the cycle that we call life,
so they can see that this psycho
had a hold of the light.
Not cold, I write, in a right-minded state,
spent my whole life blinded,
now I can see fate.


released April 1, 2013
Written, Performed, and Produced by Aleck Woogmaster
Recorded by Face-One at OneSong Studios
Mastered by SkySplitterInk Productions



all rights reserved


Aleck Woogmaster & Ivy Estelle Portland, Oregon

WE are Aleck & Ivy.

Love us.

WE love you.

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